The Brand

Michlagos is a contemporary women’s wear brand which was founded in 2015

by the Astute designer Michelle Young, we are specialize in various women’s fashion outfit from,

  1. Bespoke outfit
  2. Ready to wear
  3. Aso ebi (African wear)
  4. Custom luxury outfits
  5. Kiddies wear
  6. Men’s  wear


I have worked in different sector, from marketing to been a sales representative before becoming an enterpreune. My first enterpreune business was winery and I opened my 1st wine  store in Lagos 2011, started an interior designing in 2014 and finally found what im passionate about about in 2015, Fashion designing. Winery is online now and interior designing is still my passion which I will further on the long run, Simple and artistic things are my inspiration and has really helped my ideals in all my lines of businesses.


Simplicity is class, we try to keep our design simple and classy because we believe simplicity and comfort is key. We make day to day wear as well as ‘Comfort Luxury’ that are timeless and can be worn to any occasion, which can be dress up and dress down, Simplicity and Class is what we stand for.


My business success has been my greatest achievement I must say so far, from starting the business officially in 2015 and seeing its growth and my personal growth, over the years. Getting this far didn’t happen over night it took a lot of trying times and challenges, but I always scaled through. Our customer base is growing rapidly and consistently, the feedback from clients has been very encouraging and supportive as well, if you ask me that’s success for me.


I think the fact that we don’t go with trend is what makes us stand out, TIMELESS is our forte.


Our 1st collection was in 2016 called ‘THE IT GIRL’ the second collection was in 2019 called ‘THE DEBUTANTE WOMAN’, we are  still planning on the 3rd collection which will be release in 2022.

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